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Welcome to Sin City, the capital of hot escorts. If you want to date one, make sure you're ready for what's expected of you.


How to attract escorts comes naturally to some guys, while others have to work at it. The good news for all you guys out there is that knowing how to attract girls is something that can be learned, and it's not all that hard.

Where to Start

To attract escorts you need to be attractive. Now before you go getting the wrong idea, this does not mean you have to be devastatingly handsome. What it does mean it that you need to make the most of your physical appearance. Let's face it, there's lots of competition on the dating scene.

Would you rather date a girl who is clean and well groomed or one who is grubby and unkempt? Just as I thought! It doesn't take much effort to be clean and neat and being so is a key element of how to attract girls.

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Wash your hair regularly. If you suffer from dandruff, use an anti dandruff shampoo to treat it.

If you are clean shaven, be sure to shave on a daily basis. If you have a beard or mustache, keep it trimmed.

If you have nose or ear hair, remove it. Vegas escorts are used to being with high-class business men, and they aren't too tolerant of obnoxious grooming mistakes such as this.

Use body deodorant, and if you wear cologne don't use so much that it can be smelt from ten feet away.

Clean your teeth. Have breath mints on hand and pop one before approaching a girl you would like to get to know. Do not indulge in onion and garlic laden meals then go out hoping to find a date.

Make sure your clothing is clean, pressed and free of stains. If your shirt or pants are five years old they're probably not the best choice to wear when hoping to attract escorts, even if they are your favorite.

A lot of women judge a guy by his shoes. Make sure yours will pass muster.

If you are carrying extra weight, go on a diet. Exercise regularly to stay in shape.

Conversation Starters

Now that you look the part your confidence should have been given a boost. The next step will be to approach a Las Vegas escort you would like to get to know better. There is no need to say something clever. A simple, "Hi, how's your day going?" accompanied by a warm smile will do nicely. If you're worried about what to say next have a few things prepared, but don't rehearse them to the point that it will sound like you're reading a script.

Take inspiration from what is around you. If you are in a book shop, talk about a particular book. In a CD store, talk about music. At the local dog park, talk about dogs. It really is that simple. Women love a good listener, so you really don't have to say that much at all in the beginning. If you strike out with a woman, don't sweat it. The sooner you learn to accept that rejection is part of life and not take it personally, the sooner you will know how to approach and how to attract girls.

For those who are exceptionally shy, practice conversing with and being a good listener with the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if they're young or old, male or female. The more you interact, the more confident you will become. The more confident in yourself you become, the more attractive you will become to escorts and women in general.