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Guys are intrigued by the idea of being with an escort. But they're also shy and reserved about approaching one for the first time.


It has been accepted that men should usually be the ones to do the asking out for years now. Although some escorts break convention today, the majority of nice guys are no doubt daunted by the idea of approaching a Vegas escort — or any woman — they like, let alone asking her out! If you are shy it is even worse.

However, you have to seize the day if you are to get what you want. Sitting and waiting for her to do the same thing for you then you may be waiting quite some time. Women do not want to embarrass themselves by jumping the gun so it is all down to the nice guys to do the asking. Not even a fear of rejection should stop you. Just imagine yourself 20 years down the road with the TV and a few cold beers for company on a Saturday night instead of the girl of your dreams if you want an incentive!

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If you are shy then it is usually because you do have an abject fear of rejection. Even talking to a woman can make you weak at the knees out of fear. However, you are not on your own. Many nice guys are the same, but there are so many women out there that you are bound to find the perfect lady for you. Even if you are rejected a few times, it really does not matter because if you keep trying then you will find her eventually. A perfect way to perfect your technique is to date a Las Vegas escort. Why do that? Because it's almost impossible to get rejected by an escort. That is, provided you have a few hundred dollars to spend on your plan.

The first thing nice guys have to do is get over their shyness before even asking a girl out. Projecting an air of confidence will increase your chances of success no end. It will also give you better life skills that will help you to go far and get exactly what you want. You do have to be happy with who you are though in order to get over shyness and you do have to feel comfortable in your own skin and the only way to do that is through practice.

All shy nice guys should try the following when trying to overcome a hesitancy and lack of confidence:

  • Come to terms with the fact that you will face rejection in life and also that it is not the end of the world. Life goes on.
  • Practice by calling an escort service and making a date with an escort in Las Vegas.
  • As corny as it sounds, try practicing asking a woman out in the mirror. You might want to check that you are on your own in the house first though! Try asking the question in different ways, and you will be surprised at just how much confidence this can give you!
  • If you are rejected the first time you ask a woman out then take it at face value. If she says that she is busy then assume she is and use it as a launch pad. Maybe you could tell her that your offer still stands if she has a night free. Do not immediately ask her out for another night because you will look a little desperate and this will put her off. Instead, leave the ball in her court or ask again a few weeks later.

It is important for nice guys to overcome their shyness in order to get a date. You may get rejected but you may not so just roll with it. Do not take it personally but just find the woman that you really are looking for instead. It is all a learning process.